Welcome! Stanton Web Applications is an innovative web application development company that has been helping clients since the early 1990s. We specialize in building scalable, multilingual Web Applications, APIs and Web Services for a variety of businesses and non-profits.
We work primarily with open source technologies including: Java, Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby, Flash, and Javascript, and support a variety of SQL and NO-SQL databases including: mySQL, postgreSQL, MongoDB, Solr/Lucene and Allegrograph. We also integrate Machine Learning modelling and Blockchain technologies into our custom solutions.
Our services include: application and web page design, application development, project management and a variety of cloud-based hosting solutions for deploying your application or Web Service. Here's a complete list of supported services and technologies. We are a full service firm and can provide you almost any technology or service you need that is related to web development.
Our clients in include the US Air Force, the State of Hawaii, Handa Eisu Seminar (in Japan), The San Francisco Public Library, United Way Bay Area, Jews For Jesus, The Red Victorian, WineCountry.It, NetShelter, eMochila, and a number of other local Bay Area companies and startups. Here's a selection of clients we've helped over the years.